About OrganizedMess:

About the blog:
This YA Book blog was created in October 2011 I created this book blog to share my thoughts and views on books that i've read, i needed to get my thoughts down somewhere! Furthermore, I hope to gain some feedback from other bloggers and book lovers as well.  

My blog's main focus are on YA books.

Here on this blog, you will also find some extra's
-Quotes that catch my eye in my day-to-day life. 
-Some personal blog posts that may be interesting to share.
-Posts on participation that helps the community.

I thought it would be more creative & fun to add them on, instead of just having book reviews. 

This blog is open to any comments, questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. 

For Authors: If you are wanting me to promote your book, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form in the "Review Policy" page. 

About the blogger:
My interests besides Literature:

The beach(of course),TEXTING, Motocross, Hello kitty, Makeup, Fashion, Dresses, Tattoos, Piercings, Tacoma Trucks, Traveling, Writing, Nail polish, Earrings, Animal Print, Music, Time-management Games, Scary Movies, Hot Chocolate, Coffee(Starbucks), Rabbits, Dogs, Pizza Pockets/Rolls, Um.. I just love food actually, Enjoying life, Hanging with friends, etc. etc. 

Now your wondering, why OrganizedMess? Well that just explains me, i am an organized-mess. I can be so messy, yet i'm organized.  For instance, MY ROOM.. IS A BIG HOT MESS, yet i know where everything is! I'm not a perfectionist, but since i am an organized-mess, you give me something & i can definitely find a few things wrong with it! 

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Thank you for visiting my blog & taking the time to read this! :)