Review Policy:

My main focus on this blog are YA Books & New York Times are also excepted. 

1. You must fill in all of the blanks in the contact form.  I will not accept otherwise. 
2. I will only accept YA Books in any genre. (Please see below for genre's i am interested in)
3. Fiction>Non Fiction- do the math.
4. Please do not keep sending more than one contact form. 
5. I will accept hard copies, e-books, and samples. 
6. If you do not have a copy that i can have, i will get one of my own, but will take a while to post a review. Please understand. 

You must know:
1. This will continue from Guideline number 4, I will send you an e-mail stating that i did recieve your request. 
2. There is no given deadline. I will try my best to finish as soon as i can.
3. I do not accept all books.  I do take all books into consideration.
4. By you sending me a review request, you will be obligated to accept the review as my point of view. Meaning, please do not get all BENT because my opinions aren't what you wanted them to be.  HONEST IS MY POLICY & THE BEST POLICY.  I like to be honest with people, and i want to the truth to be known.  So honesty is what you will get!

 Genre's i'm interested in: 
-Graphic Novels 
-Historical Fiction 
-Alcohol, Drug Abuse

i will not read:
-How to's 

I especially love books that are taken place in China or Japan. Or anything that has to do with the Asian Culture, Arts, Tradition, Wars, etc.

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