Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Between The Lines #2

Currently Reading: Boy Toy By Jay Asher.

I'm bookmarked at "5" on Flashbacks, not flickers. I intended on writing before reading on the next section, but i couldn't! I just wanted to keep reading and reading, but i had to stop myself and give it a break. This book does not want me to put it down, i swear! I know this book was published years ago, but i need to catch up and read books that i've missed out on. This book would have been featured on Library Clean-up, due to the fact of it's published date, but i bought this book not too long ago. It's been featured IMM, which was my first IMM :) At first, i thought it was kind of boring. But this book is so grabbing and it's narration/format of this book makes it fun to read! I seriously cannot wait to write this review. I think i might get a head start on it! 

1 comment:

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