Monday, November 7, 2011

Love Sick By Jake Coburn

paperback, 240 pages. 
Published September 22nd 2005 By Dutton Juvenile

Ted's drunk-driving accident has ruined his life. it cost him his basketball scholarship, ended his plans for college, and forced him into AA. but just when ted has resigned himself to his new life, Michael appears. the wealthy father of a bulimic Manhattan rich girl has a tempting proposition. He has agreed to pay for ted's college tuition, but there's one catch. ted has to secretly keep tabs on his benefactor's daughter, erica. A seemingly simple task, with only one minor problem: ted never expected to fall in love.

I wasn't absorbed into the book as i expected. Within the first half, i was quite bored to be honest. I felt that it was over detailed about things that didn't need to be detailed, which made me very confused in the beginning. The book started off really slow, but it became worth it after a while.

I find that the novel was an interesting story on Bulimia and Alcoholism.  I've never paid much attention to eating disorders, because i had no relations or interest in it. But, i somewhat learned a lot, especially when a character in the book has Bulimia.

As for the Bulimia part, i like how to author described Binging.  It made me want to purge myself. Excellent!

Now as for characters, i love books that have strong characters who have backgrounds that interest me or relates to me.

Overall, i loved how the Author describes, i love the moral, and the story of this novel.
But it disappointed me about the Romance in this novel. I was expecting a little more than just only drama!

My Rating: 3/5 Okay. 

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  1. I have this book sitting on my shelf, and I was curious about it. I haven't seen many reviews. Thanks for your thoughts.