Friday, November 11, 2011


New Banner, Color Scheme to go with it: "Ice Cream Wedding", from ColourLovers. Click Here to view the palette!  

I've never talked about my theme or the reason for the look of my blog, and i guess now will be the best time!
Well i love the Asian art, culture, and history.. Mainly Japanese & Chinese. I especially love CHERRY BLOSSOMS, go figure. It reminds me of my Grandmother, and holds significant meaning of her.

My Blog focus' on YA books, that i love to read! And with that being said, i wanted to combine that love with the love for cherry blossoms. 

New Feature: Library Clean-Up. 
This is a new feature that I've created for OrganizedMessLibrary. I have books on my shelf that i HAVE NOT bother to read, because of all the new exciting books coming out. In time, i ended up pushing them aside for the new books. I haven't took the time to read them, so i figured, why not feature them on my blog? 

Each Friday, i will post one book on my Library Clean-Up. In time, i can look back on this feature and use it as a list to catch up on.  Since these books have been sitting in the same place for years, collecting dust, i thought "Library Clean-Up" would be the most applicable name for it. 

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