Friday, November 11, 2011


Whats new: More buttons, OrganizedMess Features, & Features by other bloggers now on this blog! Also, if you took notice of the button on the left, yes it's a feature! scroll down to view! You may also view these features & buttons on the "Features page" 


New Buttons!

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OrganizedMess Features:

Organized Updates 
is a feature of this blog,
where i will share updates regarding
this blog. i.e: Features, new look, etc. etc.
In Between the Lines 
is a feature where i will share
updates on books that i'm currently reading,
anything exciting or commentary on the book.

Library Basket 
is a feature of this blog, 
where i will share books that i've gotten 
from my local library.  In 2012, 
there will be a Support Your Local
Library Challenge, which those books will be
featured on my Library Basket
*More features coming soon! Feel free for your own personal use, but don't forget to leave a comment! :) 

Features by other bloggers:

In My Mailbox: 
Button by: Jude Henderson

Button & Hosted By: Kristi
In My Mailbox is feature 
created by Krisiti of 
the Story Siren(See link above).
This a way where you can
 feature books that you've gotten, 
but not in a form of a review. It does
 not necessarily have to come from your "mailbox",
it can also be from your library & more. 

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